St James' CE Primary School

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26th April 18
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Our School Values

Our School Motto


'Growing in God's love, learning as we go.'

Our School Ethos and Values

Whilst our school seeks to reflect many Christian values, the following seven have been chosen as our 'Core Values'.  We believe that an understanding of these values, and integration of them into school life, will help to equip our children as they forge relationships within our school community, the local community within Haslingden and society as a whole.   Our core values are:

Endurance:  Recognising that life is sometimes difficult and that it is important not to give up in the face of adversity.

Forgiveness:  Understanding that forgiveness can be given and received, but that it must be genuine and from the heart.

Friendship:  Knowing that true friendship breaks down barriers between people and enables everyone to grow as an individual.

Koinonia:  'Koinonia' means 'that which is in common'. It can be translated as 'fellowship' or 'community'. It encompasses the concept of interdependence: all within our school are needed and valued and each person is important to the whole community. 

Peace:  Working towards people living in harmony with themselves, with others, with God and creation.

Thankfulness:  Seeing the world as God's creation and being thankful for it as a gift not a right.

Trust:  Being reliable and trustworthy ourselves and developing trust in others. 

'Values Trees', showing the seven core values, are displayed throughout our school.