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25th September 17
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Our Nursery Class is taught by Mrs Molloy and Miss Crilly

For all our new parents, I would like to mention that due to our 'Smile4Life' accreditation we only provide healthy and sugar free snacks for example sandwiches, bread sticks, crackers and fruit. We also provide milk or water to drink daily.

Nursery are proud to announce that Margaret Murray, the Chair of Governors has been adopted as our Nursery Class Governor. We will be inviting her in this term to meet the children and find out a little more about her. More information on this will follow.

The children are already becoming familiar with Kagan and the structure, 'quiet hand signal'. All children respond following the signal by stopping immediately and raising their hand to show they are ready to listen to a teacher.  Nursery will also be pursuing learning cultures and the 5 R's as is used throughout school. More information on this will follow.

Nursery News...



Congratulations to Nursery on being re-accredited with the Smile4Life accreditation. May I remind you that this means that Nursery will be providing sugar-free drinks and snacks at Nursery. Therefore, when the children bake at Nursery or when parents sometimes send birthday cake into Nursery to celebrate their childs' birthday; once we have celebrated we share out the cake and send it home for the children to eat at a meal time. Please also can parents not send sweets into Nursery with their child. If sweets are found in any child's pockets they will be taken from the child and given to parents at home-time.

The Outdoors

Please ensure that your child comes to Nursery with a warm, showerproof coat with a hat and possibly a scarf and gloves and strong sensible shoes. Outdoor experiences are a key part of our teaching and learning therefore all children need to be prepared with the correct clothes to participate in outdoor learning. Many thanks.

Red Bags

Every Thursday the children will take home a red bag containing a book of their choice. The red bags and books are Nursery property therefore any damage or lost items with be charged for. Please ensure you send your child with their red bag EVERY THURSDAY. Reading books and talking about the story/characters is an important and powerful experience to share with your child. Please take time out to read daily with your child.

Snack/Nursery Fund

A contribution of £1.50 is asked from parents every week. This pays towards a healthy, wholesome snack and towards other luxuries for your child that provide excellent learning opportunities and first-hand experiences. Please can you ensure that this payment is paid weekly so as to sustain these opportunities. 

Topic this half term

Our topic this half term is 'Traditional Tales'. During the first week back  we will be reading the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. Our teaching and learning will be based on experiences linked to this topic. More information on this to follow...


Please ensure your child is attending Nursery daily. It is so important for them for building friendship groups, experiencing rich learning experiences and also to prepare them on their journey to Reception Class. I understand that young childrn do get ill but please ring the office to make us aware if they are having time off and please dont just keep them off if they are feeling tired.