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26th April 18
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Our School Policies

Local Authority School information


Below is the link to the Local Authority Schools website should you need any further information regarding dates, admissions, appeals, holidays, complaints, absence, governance and exclusion.

Places in Reception will be announced on 16th April 2018.  If you require a place for September 2019, please see the new admissions policy.  Thank you.

Prospective parents are always very welcome to visit our school and are encouraged to do so during the school day in order to experience the school 'at work'. Appointments can be made by contacting the Headteacher.

Parents who wish their child to be considered for admission to the school can register his/her name with Mrs Cockroft, the office manager, at any time. Parents must now apply for Reception places online.  If your child is seeking to transfer mid year or is above Reception age please contact the school office for application procedures.


Children are admitted to school at the beginning of the academic year in which they have their 5th birthday. The number admitted annually will not exceed 30. The Governing Body of St James' has agreed upon the following criteria which will be applied in the event of there being more than 30 applications:

1. (a) Children in Public Care  

    (b) Children with special medical or social circumstances affecting the child where these needs can only be met at this school.

2.  Children whose parents live within the ecclesiastical parish of St James' Haslingden with St Stephen Grane. (A map showing boundaries is available in school).

3.  Children who have a sibling attending the school on the date of application and on the date od admission.  Siblings include step, half, foster, adopted brothers and sisters living at the same address.

4.  Other children.

Tie Break

Where there are more applicants for the available places within a category, then the distance between the Ordnance Survey address points for the school and the home, measured in a straight line, will be used as the final determining factor, nearer addresses having priority over distant ones. This address point is within the body of the property and is usually located at its centre.  Where the cut-off point is for addresses within the same building, then the single measure between address points will apply and the Local Authority's syatem of a random draw will determine which address(es) receive offer(s).


Our complaints procedure is compliant with section 29 of the Education Act 2002.  A complaint should be lodged within 3 months of the issue being identified.

Parents of children with SEN (Special Educational Needs) who have concerns in this regard should firstly discuss complaints with the Inclusion Manager, Mrs Pilkington or the Headteacher, Miss Brady.

Please click on the link below to find a copy of parents intimate care and toileting permission letter.


Please ask at the office if you need any medication forms or help to complete them. All medication should be handed in at the office by an adult.

Social Media Policy : Adobe Acrobat file (148.6k)