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Children's Zone

We now subscribe to a wonderful program titled 'Purple Mash'

Please click on PURPLE MASH text above, to access the site

Using 'Mymaths' on iPads or Android Tablets

If you would like to use an iPad or an Android Tablet to access your homework in 'Mymaths' you will need to download and install, 'Puffin Academy' app.  This is a free 'Flash' player, (needed for 'Mymaths' to work correctly)

Once 'Puffin Academy is installed you must install the 'Mymaths' app.  To do this you need to open 'Puffin Academy' then tap on the blue rectangular box, sited below the words Puffin Academy.  Type mymaths in the search box then click on 'install'

NB!!  You can only access the 'Mymaths' app via 'Puffin Academy.



Interactive Chess (Playing and Learning)

This is an excellent site for anyone who would like to learn how to play chess and for those who might wish to improve their chess skills.

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