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Our Staff and SENCO details
  Our Teaching Staff

Miss Frances Brady


Mrs Nicola Pilkington


Mrs Victoria Molloy 

Deputy Headteacher, Inclusion Manager & SENCO - please contact via the school office on 01706 214134


Mrs Julie Jackson


Miss Emilie Boyle

Year 1

Mrs Fiona Blackledge 

Year 2 (Covering Mrs Jamil, on Maternity leave)

Ms Lis Cooper

Year 3

Mrs Siddiqah Musa

Year 4

Mr Keir Simister

Year 5

Mr Paul Mason

Year 6

  Our School Staff
School Business Manager Mrs Lou Cockroft
Office Apprentice Mrs Lucy Charnock
Site Supervisor Mr Ian McNeill
ICT Technician Mr Bob Anderson
  Teaching Assistants
Mrs Kalida Begum Mrs Julie Rogers
Mrs Scarlett Burrow Miss Karen Collinge
Miss Caroline Crilly Mr Ian Fraser
Mrs Jeli Begum Mrs Sharon Byrne
Miss Zahraa Khan Mrs Janene Parkinson
  Kitchen Staff
Mrs Helen Allen Mrs Karen Nobbs
  Welfare Assistants
Mrs Sayda Begum Mrs Tasneem Jahan
Mr Ian Fraser Mrs Eva Khan
Miss Karen Collinge Mrs Rana Begum
Mrs Alaha Begum Miss Scarlett Jepson
Mrs Jeli Begum  

Teaching Assistant Student Placement

Ms Gemma Campbell  
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