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20th November 17
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NEW this year

New Uniform Sept 17 : Adobe Acrobat file (230.1k)

Mrs Murray, our Chair of Governors, kindly devised a competition in which the children were encouraged to write about our new 'Reflective Garden'.  The children produced some excellent pieces of work, showing a real understanding and appreciation of what the Reflective Garden means to them.  The Overall winner was Lucy (Class 5) and the Runner-Up was Maqsud (Year 1).  Mrs Murray presented Lucy and Maqsud with their prizes during Celebration Assembly on Friday.  A huge 'Well Done' to Lucy, Maqsud and everyone who took part.

Science Week March 20th - 24th 2017


On Monday 20th March, we had a visit from Adrian Bowden with his amazing travelling Science show. In the morning, he showed the Infants exciting experiments involving materials. We predicted whether bread sticks or spaghetti were the strongest. Adrian  changed a piece of paper to make it stronger so that he could use it like a bridge and showed us how to make a piece of kitchen roll unrippable. Adrian investigated materials to see if they were waterproof. He made some huge bubbles too!

In the afternoon, he taught KS2 about forces such as gravity, upthrust, friction,  air resistance and magnetism. We made lots of predictions, carried out fair testing and checked our results several times.

Lunchtime Leaders


'Lunchtime Leaders' is a scheme, organised by 'FUNDA', in which Year 5 and Year 6 children are taught a range of PE skills. The children then use those skills in order to organise and lead a variety of playground games and fun activities. The 'Lunchtime Leaders' understand and appreciate the importance of co-operation and safety when overseeing the sessions.


Robinwood November/December 2016


As we type this the children are enjoying the fantastic facilities and amazing activities at Robinwood in Todmorden. Here are a few pictures of our first day.

There will be more to follow.

Breakfast Club


Breakfast club is here!

Get your child off to the best possible start to they day by sending them to our breakfast club. No need to pre-book, just bring your child in from 8am and they will be provided with toast, cereal and a drink of milk or fruit juice.

Only £1 per day.

On Wednesday 5th October our school welcomed a group of children and adults from the Bethany Primary School Project in Tanzania. Groups from the Bethany Project have been regular visitors to schools in East Lancashire for several years and are always wonderful ambassadors for their school. The group entertained children and staff with some fabulous singing and stories of what daily life is like for children in Tanzania, especially in rural areas. Two members of the group demonstrated how to carry a very heavy bucket, filled with water, on their head, (often for several miles), in order to provide fresh water for their village.

If you would like to discover more about the Bethany Project please click on the link below.

Link with Pakistan


Together as a whole school,
we are working in partnership with
READ Foundation Middle School,
Basnara, Muzaffaraba, in Pakistan.

The school is located near the city of Muzaffarabad, in
Pakistan. It currently has 270 children who are engaged in various academic and co-curricular activities throughout the different year groups. The school is situated  in a Refugee camp. Read foundation aims to help all children to continue their studies by providing accessible education.

Their mission statement is …
‘To help the society through quality oriented value based and purposeful education and capacity building.’

Lets work together, learning from each other and helping to support their vision this year!